Woodworker's Pocket Reference
by Charles Self

"Ensures more time in the workshop and less time flicking through reference materials for solutions to woodworking problems."  —Woodturning Magazine

Product Description
At-a-glance access to everything the woodworking professional or hobbyist needs to know is included in this reference. Details on the availability and use of various kinds of wood, hand and motorized tools, glues, wood fillers, and adhesives are provided along with pointers on sharpening edges, concocting effective solvents, and creating an efficient workspace. Chapters are color-coded and tabbed for easy accessibility, and the spiral binding allows the pages to lie flat on the workbench for hands-free reading. A reference section provides charts, formulas, conversion tables, and geometry pointers to refresh the forgetful craftsman, and a comprehensive glossary offers rapid access to a wealth of information.

ISBN-10: 1565232399
ISBN-13: 978-1565232396
• 160 pages
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Knife Grinding & Woodworking Manual
by Charles G. Monnet, Jr.
The bible for the woodworking knife industry written mostly for operators of heavy duty machines including moulders and shapers.
Topics include:
° Essentials of good grinding, including knife grinding
° Composition, care and use of grinding wheels
° Setting of Knives
° Development, selection and care of cutter heads
° Cutting angles/bends required for knives
° Cutting speeds, feed speeds
° General moulder operation
° Machine stoppages and causes
° Safety
° Wood defects
° Structure of wood
° 167 pages
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MANUAL Knife Grinding & Woodworking Manual CALL
by Lonnie Bird

"If you've ever used a table-mounted router to shape small moldings or to make raised panels, in essence you've used a small sharper."

In this book, author Lonnie Bird demonstrates how versatile and extremely productive the shaper can be. You'll see that the shaper, with its vast assortment of cutterheads, fences, and jigs, can handle a wide variety of woodworking applications. More than just a primer on shaper techniques, this book gives shop-proven examples of how the shaper can be put to use. With an emphasis on safety, this book is a step-by-step guide that will teach you all about the shaper: from basic setups to cutting curved molding profiles to designing shaper jigs that will expand your woodworking potential.

• 144 pages
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How To CMT - A Woodworker's Guide for the use of CMT Industrial Router Bits

CMT and John Lucas of have teamed up to introduce two new and informative DVD's. The first, "How to CMT" is devoted to teaching techniques on how to use CMT router bits in many applications. Whether you are a novice or an experienced woodworker, John Lucas will offer insights from years of woodworking that will help you understand set up, saftey, adjustment and application techniques.

You can save time and stave off frustration by employing John Lucas; insights into the use of CMT router bits - and you may even find more applications for router bits already in your collection!

Raised Panel Doors

John Lucas takes you through the procedure of making a complete door using the CMT cabinetmaking set. In a step-by-step, easy to follow demonstration John will also cover segments including:

• How to use the same set for crown ande shaped doors.
• Other raised panel shapes that are available.
• Use of vertical raised panel bit
• Use of single rail/stile combination bit.
• Safe use of Junior Sets with examples.

FREE with the purchase of any raised panel set!

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