Try Kutter-Kleener! It's NEW!     
Specially formulated for Sawblades, Cutters, Knives,Bits, Woodworking Tools.

Kutter-Kleener Removes Pine Pitch

1. Environmentally Safe - Kutter-Kleener is a blend of biological and organic surfactants that biodegrade as they clean. It is cleaner and safer for people. It has a pleasant smell too!

2. A General Tooling Cleaner  -  it cleans pitch as well as grease.

3. Fast & Effective and Non-FlammableYou can spray it on directly or use it in a soak tank, steamer or pressure washer. It is non-flammable and makes the pitch non-flammable too!

    Cleans • Cools • Lubricates
    New aqueous technology cleans resins, prolongs life, is low cost. Safe for people and environment, eliminating harmful solvents. Ready-to-use formulation with rust inhibitors.

What Kutter-Kleener does for you:

    1. Readily removes Pitch and Resins
    2. Lubricates and Cools during cutting action
    3. Inhibits rust and oxidation of metals
    4. Prevents Resin buildup through daily use
    5. Maintains cleaner, sharper cutting edges
    6. Reduces knife burns and dulling
    7. Prolongs life of Blades and Cutters
    8. Reduces down-time and sharpening costs
    9. Saves BIG $$$ compared to other methods
    10.Provides safety and convenience for use in dip tanks, spray misters, and parts washers

Kutter-Kleener does this also:

    1. Replaces harsh, dangerous solvents
    2. Biodegrades readily, emits no VOCâs
    3. Protects people, machines, and environment
    4. Combines aqueous safety with convenience and efficiency
    5. Complies with OSHA and EPA regulations as a non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-flammable cleaning agent
    6. Will provide exceptional versatility and safety for many cleaning jobs in home and industry.

What is Kutter-Kleener?

    A combination of VPW SC-100 and Rust Inhibitor #VCI-377 into a water -based colloidal, surfactant liquid solution. Slight agitation and heat (up to 110°F) will enhance cleaning action, but is not required.

    Resins, petrocarbons, oils, protein, sugars, and lipidis are released from solied surface and suspended in solution so they may be rinsed away, wiped clean with a rag, or even blown away by air hose. The rust inhibitor prevents flash rust or ozidation for up to 6 months when stored dry.

    It is recommended that a routine maintenance program of hand-spraying or dipping knives; heads, and blades be done every 4-5 months when not in constant use. For more technical information, request Material Safety Data Sheets for VPW SC-100 and VCI-377.


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