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U. S. Patent Number 7,189,036

Forest City Tool (patented) Hole Saw can be used for cutting holes up to 1/2" depth of cut in wood and up to 1" depth in plywood, solid surfaces and composite materials like fiberglass. They have created the new generation of hole saws in the Self CleanTM Hole Saw. Marine Manufacturers consulted with FCT in the design. The tool saws faster than the conventional hole saw and saves the user additional time because the design eliminates the need to remove the plug from the saw.

The plug typically falls out of the tool when the cut is finished. The saw is made from high grade hardened steel, carbide tipped, and is designed specifically for cutting fiberglass. The quick change system increases productivity when moving from one hole size to another.

• All tools are made of high grade hardened steel and are carbide tipped cutting edges for exacting and clean cuts.
• All tools have quick change 7/16" hex shanks for easily changing to different size holes
• Points on each bit guide the accuracy of the cut placement
• All tools are servicable (sharpening or re-tipping) industrial tooling for long lasting use.
• All tools are made in the USA.
Diameter Recommended Rev/Min Fiberglass Price
8001062K 1-1/16" 1800-2300 CALL
8001125K 1-1/8" 1800-2300 CALL
8001250K 1-1/4" 1800-2300 CALL
8001312K 1-5/16" 1800-2300 CALL
8001375K 1-3/8" 1800-2300 CALL
8001437K 1-7/16" 1800-2300 CALL
8001500K 1-1/2" 1800-2300 CALL
8001625K 1-5/8" 1800-2300 CALL
8001687K 1-11/16" 1800-2300 CALL
8001750K 1-3/4" 1800-2300 CALL
8001875K 1-7/8" 1800-2300 CALL
8001937K 1-15/16" 1800-2300 CALL
8002000K 2" 1800-2300 CALL
8002062K 2-1/16" 1800-2300 CALL
8002125K 2-1/8" 1800-2300 CALL
8002250K 2-1/4" 1800-2300 CALL
8002312K 2-15/16" 1800-2300 CALL
8002375K 2-3/8" 1800-2300 CALL
8002500K 2-1/2" 1800-2300 CALL
8002625K 2-5/8" 1800-2300 CALL
8002750K 2-3/4" 1800-2300 CALL
8002875K 2-7/8" 1800-2300 CALL
8003000K 3" 1500-2000 CALL
8003125K 3-1/8" 1500-2000 CALL
8003250K 3-1/4" 1500-2000 CALL
8003375K 3-3/8" 1500-2000 CALL
8003437K 3-7/16" 1200-1800 CALL
8003500K 3-1/2" 1200-1800 CALL
8003625K 3-5/8" 1200-1800 CALL
8003745K 3.745" 800-1200 CALL
8003750K 3-3/4" 800-1200 CALL
8003875K 3-7/8" 800-1200 CALL
8004000K 4" 500-1200 CALL
8004125K 4-1/8" 500-1200 CALL
8004250K 4-1/4" 500-1200 CALL
8004500K 4-1/2" 500-1200 CALL
8004750K 4-3/4" 500-1200 CALL
8005000K 5" 500-1200 CALL
8005250K 5-1/4" 500-1200 CALL
8005500K 5-1/2" 500-1200 CALL
8006250K 6-1/4" 500-1200 CALL
8006375K 6-3/8" 500-1200 CALL
8006500K 6-1/2" 500-1200 CALL
8008500K 8" 500-1200 CALL
Set consists of any size Self CleanTM Hole Saw, 2” Quick Change Shank, 1/4” Pilot Rod, Tapered Pilot Bit, Allen Wrench, Extra Set Screw. Note: Use 806 Series Quick Change Shanks with 800 Series Self CleanTM Hole Saws. By special request, a hole saw may be
purchased without the kit. Call 1-800-Tooling.
To reach a friendly voice, call during our hours of operation:
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST
(Eastern Standard Time)

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