Forest City Tool is the single-source supplier of standard and custom boring tools to the woodworking and furniture industry. Forest City products have been the industry standard for over 100 years. Look for this brand name whenever high-quality, industrial grade boring tools are required in production applications.

The Industrial Woodboring Bits made by Forest City Tool offer the largest selection of wood boring bits for the industrial manufacturing and furniture industries. These include brad point, mortising chisel, metric dowels and thru-point, counterbores, countersinks, and spur bits. These are manufactured from carbon or high speed steel and some styles are available as carbide tipped tools. Forest City also produces standard round and rectangular boring heads with horizontal and vertical mounting fixtures.


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BORING TOOLS & New Marine Industry Product Line

NEW! Products for the Marine Industry
Self Clean™ HOLE SAW

This HOLE SAW saws faster and lasts longer. The plug falls out.
Made for cutting fiberglass. Quick change system increases productivity.
NEW! Products for the Marine Industry
Quick Change Transon Drill

This drill's parabolic flute design eliminates problems drilling
through fiberglass and wood transons. Ideal for mounting holes
for outdrive brackets and drains.
NEW! Products for the Marine Industry
Three Wing Drill with Quick Change Shank

Accurate centering with replacement point;
tool life is exceptional; ultra clean hole.
Can be used in handheld electric or pneumatic drills.


Flex-A-Bits are designed with maximum flexibility and are available in four head styles for easily drilling in a variety of situations and materials. Popular with alarm, cable, phone installers, electricians and plumbers. Non-slip three flat grip on shank. Fish accommodation holes in both the drill and shank on all heads. Durable powder coat finish.

Carbide-Tipped Hollow Flute Wood Auger
CT Double Fluted Wood Auger Bits
Self Feed Stud Buster

Super Wear Steel Screw Shank Dowel Drills


Super Wear Steel Screw Shank Dowel Drills with Extended Shank


Super Wear Steel Screw Shank Dowel Drills - Short Version


Super Wear Steel Brad Point Spur Machine Drills 


Multi-Spur No. 149

Carbide-Tipped Multi-Spur Bits No. 149CT

Brad Point Double Spur Machine Bits 107/150
Solid Center Machine Bits No.155

Carbide-Tipped Drills No. 811CT

Carbide-Tipped Drills No. 812CT

Carbide-Tipped Brad Point Spur Machine Drills


Counter Bores and Counter Sinks


Maka Mortise Cutter


Chisel Bit Maintenance


Mortising Chisel/Bits


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